ADC Cast Sheet Properties & Features

  • APPLICATIONS: All scanner types, visible, infrared, laser & CCD Imagers.

    CAST OPTICAL SHEET: Optically flat with precise thickness control.

    NON-BIREFRINGENT: No residual stresses, polarization or internal strain.

    COLORS: Red, clear, IR or custom colors available for all applications.

    VISIBLE TRANSMISSION: ADC has a visible transmission of 92%.

    ABRASION RESISTANCE: Abrasion resistant. No hardcoating required.

    CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Resistant to chemical & solvent attack.

    LASER CUT TO SIZE: Exact size & shape; can be changed easily.

    NO TOOLING COSTS: No custom tooling, molds or molding.

    REPLACEMENT WINDOWS: Available for all O.E.M. products.

    INFRARED TRANSMISSION: Near IR transmission is 90% up to 2000 nm.

    IR TRANSMISSION NO VISIBLE: <1% visible transmission > 90% IR.

    COATINGS: Vapor deposited anti-reflective & conductive coatings.

    MOUNTING ADHESIVES: Precision laser & die cut mounting adhesives.

    SILKSCREENING: Precision silkscreen printing per customer requirements.




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