ADC Cast Sheet Properties & Features

  • APPLICATIONS: All scanner types, visible, infrared, laser & CCD Imagers.

    CAST OPTICAL SHEET: Optically flat with precise thickness control.

    NON-BIREFRINGENT: No residual stresses, polarization or internal strain.

    COLORS: Red, clear, IR or custom colors available for all applications.

    VISIBLE TRANSMISSION: ADC has a visible transmission of 92%.

    ABRASION RESISTANCE: Abrasion resistant. No hardcoating required.

    CHEMICAL RESISTANCE: Resistant to chemical & solvent attack.

    LASER CUT TO SIZE: Exact size & shape; can be changed easily.

    NO TOOLING COSTS: No custom tooling, molds or molding.

    REPLACEMENT WINDOWS: Available for all O.E.M. products.

    INFRARED TRANSMISSION: Near IR transmission is 90% up to 2000 nm.

    IR TRANSMISSION NO VISIBLE: <1% visible transmission > 90% IR.

    COATINGS: Vapor deposited anti-reflective & conductive coatings.

    MOUNTING ADHESIVES: Precision laser & die cut mounting adhesives.

    SILKSCREENING: Precision silkscreen printing per customer requirements.


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Ineed contrast enhancement filter for led display.

wow! display readout windows is a good idea, another innovation for nice windows. thanks for the tipping its a help!

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet .

it has almost the same refractive index, chemical resistance and similar mechanical properties as glass.

I want to get some sheet samples and quotation.
I want ADC sheet for mobile window.
Please send me e-mail.

it would be nice if your email address was on your web page

like the previous poster, I have an enquiry for this but the time zone prevents me calling. What is your email address

I would like to contact with you by e-mail and telephone numbers

In many applications it is exposed to various chemicals, industrial solvents and detergents. It shows the resistance higher than the ADC typical long-term exposure.

No offense, but if there's a facebook like button, it'll be much easier for me to share.

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Dear Sir :
Good day~
This is Orient Semiconductor Electronics,Ltd.
Please help to requote the price for below items.We have demand about on February 2012.
Qty 500pcs

I tried to send email to "[email protected]",but don't have any feedback.

If you have any advise,please let me know.
Thank you.

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Is there an email address I could send a requirements specification to?

please can you supply contact details for suppliers in the UK

Dear Sir or madam

Good day.

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Looking to get a quote on manufacturing RF Shielded windows. The size would be about 4 inches by 10 inches. (101.6 mm by 254 mm.) It would need to have a frame that works well to shield as well.

Please let me know if you can make this product. We are looking to buy this at scale but would need samples to test its effectiveness.

Appreciate your time,

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The ADC Sheet

  • Optical Polymer's ADC sheet is cast from a family of proprietary allyl diglycol carbonate formulations which produce optical sheet with superior properties for all display applications.